Responsive Testimonials Module


Responsive Testimonial module help you manage and show your customer testimonial. It works like a carousel with a lot of options: auto height, touch and drag support, auto play, navigation, pagination, etc.



How to install

1. Download and extract file from trial or pruchase module DNNStore. There are two install files one for DNN 7 version and one for DNN 8 and 9 version. Choosing the correct version your DNN website.

Choose file to install extension

2. Login to website with administrator account. Go to Settings -> Extensions. Then choose the correct version for your DNN website.

Install extension

Click Next, and it goes to module information.

Module information

Click Next ... the install show completed.

Installation successfull

3. To add module to page. Click icon "Add module" as the image below.

Add module to page

An dialog will show. Search module and drag and drop module to pane that you want to

Add module to page

When the module added to page. Drag mouse to pencil icon, it will show options: Manage testimonial, Manage Module settings

Module options

Manage Module Settings

1. To Manage module settings drag mouse to pencil icon and click on the link "Module Settings". It is redirect to module settings page. There are many options list image below

Manage module settings

2. Options list

Name Values Default Description
Allow drag Checked and uncheck Checked Defines which allow drag
Auto play Checked and uncheck Checked Auto play when module loaded
Timeout 1000,2000,3000,4000,... 1500 Set time for next testimonial in miliseconds
Pause on hover Checked and uncheck Checked Pause on hover
Show pagination Checked and uncheck uncheck Show or hide pagination
Show navigation Checked and uncheck uncheck Show or hide navigation
Rewind Checked and uncheck uncheck Rewind from start item
Display type default, fadeIn, lazyLoading, fadeInToTop, sequentially, bottomToTop default Set display type for the first loading
Show short description Checked and uncheck Checked Show short description on display
Link target Blank Using when iten has external link
Text align Left, Right, Center Center Set text alignment
Sort by Postion ASC, DESC DESC Set order type for Postion

Manage Testimonials

To Manage testimonial drag mouse to pencil icon and click on the link "Manage Testimonials". Then it goes to manage testimonial page as the image below

In the form, you can add new, edit, update, move up, move down item

Manage testimonial

Some of screen shoot

Responsive Testimonial

Responsive Testimonial

Responsive Testimonial


Standard license The standard license allows the activation and use on 1 DNN portal. Not permitted Redistribution. Free update within 90 days
Enterprise license Unlimited DotNetNuke® Installation. Not permitted Redistribution. Free update


If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation file, please feel free to email via my email

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